Friday, November 30, 2007

Now It's Personal!

Since I had my bi-weekly Bible study last night, I missed all my Thursday shows. I gleefully got on ABC tonight, only to see that "Grey's" was a re-run. So, I tried to watch!!! Arrgh!!! For the love of all things cheese-made, they can't be out of episodes! I was worried about the writer's strike, and now I'm downright terrified.
How can I live without House, Grey's, Heroes, and CSI? What do they expect me to do? I will say this, I might pick up a couple of other shows by watching back episodes online. I've seen some of "Chuck" and I like what I've seen. "Pushing Daisies" interests me too. It looks like Pee Wee from Pee Wee's Playhouse is on that show right now.
What did I end up watching? Scrubs, which was thankfully a new one. That show still has magic for me.


Amy Bennett said...

FYI, Grey's will be new next week, a continuation from last week.

Sher :) said...

Ever try Women's Murder Club? It's on Friday nights. I really like it. :)
Thanks for joining my book giveaway. :)