Thursday, May 18, 2006

He's Overseas...Thank God for SWEEPS!!!

I've been meaning to write this nice, angst ridden post but I've been to full of conflicting thoughts to actually get it out. So, here's my gushy (homeless!) review of all the season finale's that I care about. You may wonder why they matter so much.
Well....when your husband is in Thailand for 2 weeks and your kid's are lovingly stealing your sanity what else is there to do?!

1. "Grey's Anatomy"- By far the most brillantly executed show this year, taking over the #1 place in my favs from long-standing "ER". So much was resolved and not in the last 3 hours this season. Loved Denny and Izzy, but knew it couldn't go on for cast reasons. What a brillant show in its execution!

2. "ER"- My friend, L, and I had pretty much dumped this one for its completely weak showing this season. Then I watched the finale...C'mon, you're going to leave us hanging on whether Jerry (extremely lovable desk guy) lives. What about Abby and Kovac?! As soon as the shooting started the way the show was filmed seemed to be better. I think they should've killed off Gallant long ago. They let he and Neela go on for WAY too long. Love Nagra Parminder by the way.

3. "CSI"- I was really disappointed with how normal the second part of the finale was. The only surprise (sort've) was Sarah and Grissom together at the end. That's simply a resolution of something that's been building for many seasons. J and I are wondering whether we'll drop this one.

Thankfully, I still have 3 more shows to finish out. "Desperate Housewives" will finish up Sunday, "House M.D." ends Tuesday, and I'm not sure if "Big Love" breaks for the summer. I kind've hope it doesn't.

I know this is the dumbest this some of you have ever heard, but these shows have entertained me on many a night. Plus, I love medically related shows (Psh, who doesn't!). I think J is just glad that I'm keeping myself busy while he's's not like I'm supposed to be finding us a place to live or anything.

Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, homelessness sucks when you're a family of four. Yes, we have a roof over our head, but it's not our roof. I just hate imposing on other people's happy abodes.

Yada, yada,