Thursday, October 30, 2008

Does This Really Warrant Applause?

In case you're out of the loop and don't know that the annual Bloggy Giveaway carnival is going on right now...current giveaway count is at 1,395!!!
I'm currently entering giveaway # 1,150...yes, I am crazy, but I figure I'm crazy for science!
I'm trying to figure out the percentage of times I win a contest, so this is always a fun way to average that out.
Granted, I haven't entered all 1,150 contests (but I've kept count and I'm at 953), but once it's all said and done I'll give you the results of my experiement.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pre-Halloween Halloween???

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like Halloween has become a week-long event around here.
Today (a full week ahead of the day) we went to a "Harvest" costume Carnival at the christian college. Also, Old Navy was giving kids free shirts if they came in with their costumes on.
Tuesday we go to the local high school for dress-up trick or treating.
And the Big Day...they go to school in their costumes, then go to the downtown shops for candy, then they can go to the mall...ALL before it gets late enough for them to hit the neighbor houses!
If you're keeping track that's SIX events all before the actual night! Of course, it's a blessing this week since the hubby's in Nicaragua. He'll be home tomorrow, but it's been 10 days since we've seen him.

Also, I'm a hunting season single parent, so I don't see much of the hubby until Thanksgiving (elk are very elusive beasties).

Have you hit any Halloween fun yet?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Will the Real Underpants Please Stand Up?

My kids have been digging the Captain Underpants series really can't go wrong with that many poop jokes and misspelled words.

As a result of said obsession, I have 2 Capt. Underpants and 2 Super Diaper Baby's running around our house currently. Do I feel safe from wedgies, oh yes, definately.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Sound of Silence

I did something unusual today...I sat and did nothing for 15 minutes.
I'm sure you're thinking, "That's nothing special!", but if I sit in my house I'm usually occupying my hands, mind or both while I'm doing it. I've fallen into this trap of popping in the earphones and listening to my Ipod if I'm doing something or reading or watching TV while doing something.

But I really rarely sit and let my mind not be cluttered.

What a shame it is really, with our lives being much easier than any time before us...we say we're busy because we fill it with stuff!

I'm resolving to do this "nothing" more...maybe I'll hear Him the way I used to.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Note To Self

Dear Whiney Weak Part,

What the heck is wrong with you girl?! Are you seriously going to let our emotions toss us around like that?
I mean, c'mon, has He ever failed us?
In the last 26 years has He ever dropped the ball??
Then why the internal ball of nerves with you trying to drive the ship?
Seriously girl, do we need to have another talk?
Remember all the cool times? Let's just talk about the last week of answers since Jason has been on his leave from the airport:
-Jason needed $20 to contribute to the hunting trip...he got a $20 tip at work!
-You guys actually got some money in at the church and got paid this week!
-Someone gave you $45 that you can live on while Jason's gone.
-You have supportive friends that you're meeting with this week so that you won't lose it you silly doof!
-The friends who run the food bank called you and had staple groceries that you could have to stock your pantry.
Need I remind you of all the ways in the past that He's covered our butts?
So, let me get this straight: You're REALLY whining because it doesn't look exactly like how you would run it? OH, poor sad little finite person! You wanted to eat out and rent movies and take the kids to fun places while Jason was gone, apparently that's not part of the Plan.
Anyhoo, Whiney, read Matthew 6:25-34 for the bazillionth time, and buck up! He loves you and I've got your back.

Love you!
The Holy Spirit in You

Monday, October 13, 2008

Beans! Mwa Ha Ha Ha?

Beans and rice smell amazing...for about 3 hours...then the smell starts to really irritate you. Like a day old diaper in the trash can.
Why did my kitchen smell like B & R since 9am you ask? I'm making B & R for about 30 people tonight at church for a Missions Forum. We're being diabolical with it...each attendee will get one scoop of B&R, 2 fried corn tortillas, and water. That's it! Mwa ha ha! The reason for the skimpy eats is to help them understand that not everyone get's to eat as much as they want...also, our missionary friend's in Nicaragua basically eat B&R twice a day nearly every day.
You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Barking Mad photo #2

There's a great blog, Barking Mad, (, that's holding a photo contest for the prize of an awesome camera. This is a pic of my oldest, dirtiest shoes (they're 12 years old & still kicking!) You can check out her post here and see the other fun photos here:

Barking Mad photo #1

There's a great blog, Barking Mad, (, that's holding a photo contest for the prize of an awesome camera. This is the underside of my kiddos bed. You can check out her post here and see the other fun photos here:

Contest of the Day

If you're looking for unique gift ideas then look no further than Kir Devries shop! They have a little bit of everything over there. I'm a fan of Earthlust bottles and their prices are very reasonable (
They're also have a great contest right now to plug their site (though I think it plugs itself), check that post out here:

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Has It Affected You Yet?

I don't normally plug NPR, but "This American Life" has done 2 phenomenal shows explaining the reasons for the mortgage collapse AND the economic collapse.

I knew there had to be a good reason why most people in the government thought this bailout was a good idea...after listening to these shows, I understand better why. Here's also an interesting sidenote: Paulson is an expert on the Great Depression. He's done extensive studying on it and I gotta say, that makes me feel better.

Now, if it all falls apart, I have to say, it excites me. Here's why: Our generations have gotten more and more greedy and self-centered as time has progressed. If we enter a time where our almighty money has failed us and we have to band together more as communities, I see that as a good thing.

We believers (and people in general) forget so easily that true character and depth are built through adversity. Don't you think that if believers can thrive in their growth in Africa that we can do so here?! This would also shoot the prosperity gospel in the butt...granted, some "Christians" may fall away, but I think this could make the church as a whole stronger.

Has this affected my household yet? I would say no, but it may be coming. Living on church support could make things really tight if people stop giving as much to God. I'd like to think it would have the opposite effect. We're on some government program and I need to reapply for others and I know the wait time will be longer and I can't wait to see if these government programs continue to function. We're at such a low end of the income bracket that I'm not sure how we could have much less.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

Has it affected your home yet?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Contest of the Day

Those awesome chicks over at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving away a plethora of cute Halloween costumes right now.

I'd love to win the Junior Cowgirl Dress Up Outfit in size 8 or Junior Doctor Uniform in size 8.

Hurry and check it ends Wednesday!


Green Your Decor is teaming with Starfrit and giving away one of their awesome frying pans. Check it out here:

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sing a Song of Pirates and Pippy!

Singing has been a love of mine for a long time...something I hope to pass on to my kids. There are certain songs that we really enjoy singing.

The Backyardigans always have LOTS of catchy tunes on them. We took one that said "What do you do with a scurvy (said very growly) pirate..." and changed it to "What do you do with a scurvy mommy, make her walk the plank". Then I sing it right back at them and tell them they're going to walk the plank. This silly motivation is often enough to get them cleaning their room.

My son is also stuck on the theme song from the movie, "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking". He sings it in a very loopy, goofy tone AND sings it ALL the way to his sister's school in the morning. Needless to say, I turn NPR up...a lot.

Both kids have caught onto the fact that I need some fun music to clean house quickly...we'll often blast some Imagination Movers if they're helping me dust.

A world without tuneage would be a blase world indeed!

This post was written as part of the Parent Bloggers Network's weekly Blog Blast! Check it out here: . This week they're teaming up with Bush's Beans as host of this contest. Check out Bush's Beans here: