Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Note To Self

Dear Whiney Weak Part,

What the heck is wrong with you girl?! Are you seriously going to let our emotions toss us around like that?
I mean, c'mon, has He ever failed us?
In the last 26 years has He ever dropped the ball??
Then why the internal ball of nerves with you trying to drive the ship?
Seriously girl, do we need to have another talk?
Remember all the cool times? Let's just talk about the last week of answers since Jason has been on his leave from the airport:
-Jason needed $20 to contribute to the hunting trip...he got a $20 tip at work!
-You guys actually got some money in at the church and got paid this week!
-Someone gave you $45 that you can live on while Jason's gone.
-You have supportive friends that you're meeting with this week so that you won't lose it you silly doof!
-The friends who run the food bank called you and had staple groceries that you could have to stock your pantry.
Need I remind you of all the ways in the past that He's covered our butts?
So, let me get this straight: You're REALLY whining because it doesn't look exactly like how you would run it? OH, poor sad little finite person! You wanted to eat out and rent movies and take the kids to fun places while Jason was gone, apparently that's not part of the Plan.
Anyhoo, Whiney, read Matthew 6:25-34 for the bazillionth time, and buck up! He loves you and I've got your back.

Love you!
The Holy Spirit in You

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Anonymous said...

love Love LOVE This. Wow. It was a letter to me too. And I'm grateful for the reminder; He is Always Faithful.

Blessings, Whitney