Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Twilight/Puke Zone

I'm slowly walking out of the zombie and vomit-filled last couple of days. First one child and then the other would erupt...thankfully never at the same time. My stomach has had a dull ache to it over the last week to top it all off. Being dehydrated just made my son belligerent, if I told him red was red, he would yell and scream at me until I agreed that red was green. Yeesh!

All that to say, I've been a bitch to my family the last 3 days. I didn't handle this round of upchuck well at all. Luckily, it's ending just in time for me to leave for my Scrapbooking weekend...where I don't scrapbook. Ten of my friends decided to rent this tricked out lodge in the Colorado mountains for them to do some hard core scrapbooking (the lodge has all the equipment included). I was asked to do it last year because they like me and we are all doing it again. So, while everyone else is hard at work creating awesome pages, I sit on my butt, tend the woodburning fireplace, sleep, take a bath, play guitar, read and eat fricking awesome food!

I will probably be incognito starting late tomorrow, but I am bringing the old laptop with me to see if I can piggy back onto someone's internet.

BTW, how many different words for barf did I use in this post? Anyone, anyone, Bueller?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Contests of the Day

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Monday, October 29, 2007

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

I love those late night know the one: The one where your son comes in to your bed and you KNOW barf is going to come flying out of that mouth in 30 seconds. Unfortunately I didn't run his little body to the bathroom fast enough for our bedroom floor to not be graces with carrots. Why isn't there a good smell to vomit?!

As soon as he's in the tub I start triaging: "Hmmm, chunks on floor need to be up first, baking soda, vacuum, clothes soaking in washer, give son reassuring smile so he knows he's not an awful person." The cycle started at 1 AM and barf made an appearance at least once an hour until 8 AM.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Just Like Fara Fawcett

We had a Harvest Carnival at our church on Friday night. My loverly sister happened to be in town, so she got to be the third person in 10 years to attack my mop with a curling iron. Went well until she scalded my neck...the pain was worth the awesome flip I had to my hair.

The Carnival was a rocking good time. Dance, Dance Revolution was my favorite.

Elk update: Hubby went out alone today (got up 3am) and has until sundown to fill his tag.

Printer Contest

Two Moms In A Blog is hosting a contest to win a Kodak EasyShare 5300 All-in-one printer. Sweet prize, eh?

Birthday Post

I'm enjoying the party over at "From Dates to Diapers". She's asking us all kinds of birthday related questions that I love answering. So here's my latest party post.

When I was younger I would always ask for angel food cake. Not made with your typical fruit on top, but with this amazing brown sugar frosting. As I got older, my sister and I only wanted Creme De Menthe cake. It's white cake mix with creme de menthe mixed in. You spread fudge sauce and whip cream on top. So yummy!

One thing I loved about birthdays in our house was that we could pick out whatever we wanted as our birthday dinner. I know this sounds gross, but I always (even into my teens) asked for Tuna Fish Casserole. My mom has the magic touch when it comes to casseroles, and this was her specialty. My friends would come over for playdates praying that she'd serve it for lunch!

I love party games...hey, I'm highly competitive! In jr. high, my friends and I discovered the magic of Bunko. Last year was by far my best birthday in years. I had seven of my girl friends over to play poker. I love that my friends (most non players) were so willing to play with me.

The Meanest Mom

Sometimes I have days when I'm all about me...and the kids unwittingly get the shaft. These are the days when I set the timer for rest time, and SOMEHOW (couldn't be me?!) 20 minutes seems to last 2 hours. I'm the mom who will sometimes stick them in the corner for minor infractions just so I can take a breath.
My daughter would say I'm SO MEAN because I don't let her play outside past 7:30 and how dare I put her to bed at 8:00 every night.
I've had my spells over the years of almost daily meanness. Back when I was suffering from some post-partum depression and too much time indoors. I'm glad that most (wish I could say all) of my mean mom moments are all in their heads.

House Is On Fire!

Soooo...who watched "House" last night? I did, I did!!! I really was questioning whether the writers would be able to pull things out after they got rid of his team last season. They have done an amazing job...I'm hoping the show has a big enough budget to keep a lot of the characters that are on the show now.
I really didn't want them to get rid of the non-doctor and would've preferred to see non-descript youngish white guy to leave...I think he's next. Kal Penn is just fun to have around. I'm glad that the old team is still dipping their hands in as well.
They are asking a lot of religious-based questions this season...I don't agree with all of their answers, but I like that they're blunt about it.

Any thoughts, fellow House lovers?

The Elk Update

Hubby called me late last night: his brother has shot a cow (for those non-hunters, that's a female elk, not a "moo, moo"). They plan on switching up their strategy today in hopes of getting the Big One, wherever he's been hiding for the last 6 years.

Jason looked at me before he left and said, "I've been trying to do this (shoot a bull elk) for 16 years. Have you ever done anything for 16 years?!"
Nope, can't say that I have...but I CAN say I wouldn't want to.

Remembering My Self Today

Do you ever wake up to your Self and realize you've been living on auto pilot lately? I've been on Life Auto Pilot...just coasting without really "feeling" anything if you know what I mean.

I hate that I'll fall back asleep soon and forget about my Self.


The Domestic Diva is giving away a pink Dyson vacuum cleaner. I keep trying to win one of these because my vacuum *ahem* sucks. Check it out!

War in the Church

My hip is very, VERY sore today...I took a beating yesterday.

Our church has 5 different house churches that meet weekly. Once a year we try and take each other out in fun ways. Relays, bottle drinking challenges, riddles...and the ultimate game: Musical Chairs! All of us women in the church know how serious this game is...we've made it a contact sport at various women's parties over the last 2 years. Of course I volunteered to go in for my team. I bumped out enough butts to make it to the final 6. The music stopped and I hip-checked one of the other pastor's wives out of the chair. She, by rights, picked me up, dumped me on the ground, and sat on me. Everyone was howling in laughter and I conceded the seat.

This, my friends, is one reason I love our church.

My Most Memorable Birthday

(shout out to the From Dates to Diapers crowd!)
I grew up in a rough and tumble neighborhood full of boys. Because of this and my being homeschooled I didn't make friends with any girls until I was 10. That year I made 2 girl friends and I was so happy. My mom was pretty excited as well because she could finally throw a slumber party for my birthday.
The cake was friends and I all got to decorate a part of it. The main course was my favorite pizza from Pizza Hut. Just as we three girls got down to the best part of the party (Truth or Dare anyone?) I felt my stomach start to rumble. I was able to ignore it for all of three minutes before I hit the porcelain. There was my beautiful cake and the glorious pizza.Not only did I not get to digest my food, but my mom QUARANTINED me from my own party! Nothing worse than listening to your friends giggling without you.
BTW, I HATE that pizza place now.If y'all would like to write about your birthday memories and possibly win a prize, head over to From Dates to Diapers .

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Menopause is Too Far Away

Had one of those scares today. You know the one, the one where you go to King Soopers lugging around your 2 almost in school full time kids looking for the cheapest pregnancy test. Coming home and locking the bathroom door trying to come to grips with the remote possibility (Didn't they tie those tubes well enough?!). AND sighing in relief when its a big fat negativo!

This is the downside to having my kids early. I have a potential of 15 more years of pregnancy possibility. When I had my tubes tied they mentioned that given my age there's always a chance they may just GROW BACK TOGETHER! What?!!! So, all that to say, I need to keep my bathroom stocked with a couple pregnancy tests. Does anyone else keep a couple of those handy just in case?

The best laid plans of mice and tubal ligation...hmph!

(BTW, Blogger seems to be messing with me today, this was posted on Thursday evening)

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(This was posted Thursday 10/18, but Blogger seems to be having issues)

"The Man" Is Such a Drag

While talking with my women's group tonight I was reminded of how much I hate authority figures. I loath know-it-all people in positions of authority. I am not over confrontational with them, but I seeth under the service and wish that their toes would become piles of green fungus!

I KNOW many of my authority dislikes are ridiculous and really (and I mean really) unfounded. Here's some you may recognize:

Rush Limbaugh: My dad was/is thoroughly devoted to this man's radio show. I was swamped by his voice from a young age and watched my dad wear his "Ditto Head" shirt and say his catch phrases for years. The man just thinks its his way or no way. In my late teens I listened to him because he was the only man I knew who talked about politics. I'm not sure this one is entirely misplaced.

Bill O' Reilly: He is just so cutting and rude! Once again, the man thinks he knows it all.

Dr. James Dobson: Are you shocked? My mom followed his advice religiously (maybe slightly legalistically) while we were growning, I decided all my mom's fears were his fault. Granted, as an adult I realize his intentions are really good, but the man is still a menace to my senses.

I think what it comes down to for me is that anyone who sets themself up as the person with all the answers is awful. I only believe one Person to have all the answers and it just so happens He created all the questions. Anyone who says otherwise is itching for a fight (NPR anyone?).

How does this go over with my hubby since he's kind've one of the know-it-alls? Well, he loves me and my opinion and I've found that he's usually right. Oh yeah, and we don't talk politics :0)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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I really would love one of these.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

There's No Speed Limit in Montana, right???

FYI, that's not true and has never been true, but this is one of the most frequent questions I get about my birth state. I have tried to pull away from every Montana stereotype since I was young...and I've succeeded. But there is one purely hickish Montana aspect to me and my hubby...we're hunters.
We both went through hunter safety as soon as we were old enough and were taking practice shots on small animals long before that. I have fond memories of waking up at 3a.m. on opening day, drinking coffee, wading through a creek in the dark, climbing into a tree stand and waiting for something shootable to pass under my tree. I find my hubby's form of hunting involves too much walking for my taste, so I gave up hunting 5 years ago. Of course God would have me marry a hunter. So, hubby and I are in Montana for his annual antelope hunt with his brother and dad. I'm preparing myself for the smell of wild meat and a couple of days spent in my kitchen cutting said meat up and grinding it. Did I mention that in a week my BIL, FIL and hubby will be shooting two elk in CO???!!! Does anyone know how much meat that is?! A frickin lot for those of you who don't.
So hunting's on my mind and in my smell range and I have nothing but fond memories of it all.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Embarrassing Rendition of my Self

Today was a category 20 bad day. I lost it and yelled...a lot. I whined and screamed...I swore like a sailor within earshot of my kids. I whimpered and said I was giving up. What brought all this on?

Talking to car insurance companies over the accident I didn't cause BUT for which I got my first ever ticket. GRRRRRR!!!!

I don't do well with strangers, especially strangers who can increase our car insurance. So, I say the quickest answer that comes to my mind and generally use a tone of guilt when I'm innocent. I've never learned how to stick up for myself against "the Man", so I've stuck to "stickin it" to the Man in a passive aggressive manner.

My poor hubby still hasn't grasped that I fall apart under pressure and was a completely flabbergasted by my mental and emotional state today. As usual though he centered me when it was all over and told me to stop walking away from him after screaming at him instead of the insurance guy. *Sigh* Love that man.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Some Days

I wish I could peel back the 3-D layers of this world and see all the REAL-ity behind it. I would probably be able to see the reason for dreams. I would see the tendrils of both sides that curl through the house. I would react with perfect clarity to depths of every situation of the day.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Let the Little Children Come Unto Me

There seems to be a trend that has happened without us meaning to do it. The separation of church and child. Children have become synonymous with a lack of being able to hear God during bible studies and church services.

I LOVE Sunday school programs and babysitters who entertain the kids. I think there's a place and time for these things. But, I've noticed that some of us moms (myself included) get irritated or drop out of a group if the kids happen to be around in any way. What does that teach our kids? What does that teach us?

The reason I've been mulling this over is two-fold.
1. I've been praying once a week with another mother for 1 1/2 years and we have learned how to commune with the Father despite our 5 kids playing superhero or arguing right next to us.
2. I've known of people to refuse to continue in a bible study because the kids would be playing w/o a sitter.

I know there are kids that can't handle playing or listening during bible study or church and I'm not advocating the abolishment of babysitters and Sunday School. What I am saying is that we shouldn't train ourselves to be unable to hear God when our kids or someone elses kids are present. I'm sure during Christ's sermons there were plenty of kids running around making a ruckus. Maybe that's why the disciples turned the kids away from His presence. Maybe they were sick of all the unruly noise.

I bring this up because there's been a turnaround in my perspective on my kids' presence in church and how they see their parent's spiritual life.

Any thoughts or opinions?

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Contests of the Day

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daily Contest Post

Simply a Woman's Blog is giving away some allergy fighting bedding. I want to win My Lil Venture’s October Giveaway because my son and I have terrible allergies and Colorado continues to aggravate them. AND we only have one pair of sheets for our bed!

Fashion Fling is giving away some fabulous creme perfume. Not sure exactly what that looks like, but I'd love to find out.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daily Dose of Freakout

Had a GREAT dream last night that my hubby's plane crashed and he died. It was one of those dreams that seems to go on forever in sorrow and pain and I woke up feeling weighted.
Also after a good 2 months of not wondering how things were going to get paid...we're back to that place this week. And I'm letting it sit and stew in my brain.
Never mind the virtual bazillion other times that we've had a financial week like this and God's taken us through. Never mind that it's been much worse almost all of those bazillion other times. I'd like to declare myself once again a groveling doubter...acting like the spiritual child I can be. Grrr.

On a completely different sonnet:
The statement, "She was so cute I could eat her!" always seemed like a saying for the crazy. Until this week. My son is suddenly the absolute cutest being on the face of the earth. Every positive or negative look is carved in the cast of an angel. And yes, I want to eat his cheeks.


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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Frickity Frick

Ah, Elliot, can't wait for your last season on "Scrubs." That being said, the peacock is definately getting most of my viewing time during the week.

Let's tackle Monday:
Heroes: What part are the hispanic twins going to play and what side are they going to be on? Sad for Parkman and the loss of his family. This show continues to remind me, as a believer, that there's more to all of us than meets the eye.

Journeyman: I'm still liking this show, but I'm concerned about the convoluted relationships there. Someone is bound to cheat and that bothers me. Definately a fun diversion show. Also, a show about finding the deeper meaning in your daily life.

Onto tonight's episode of "House". I was really skeptical after the loss of his three amigos, but they came at it in an amazingly novel way. The people wanted sidekicks and they got sidekicks!!! I have to think that Kal Penn's character is going to stick around. Love the old guy who's nothing technically a doctor. Wonder if House is realizing that is flagrant display of rule-breaking is getting him the patients and applicants he currently has.
Interesting twist too with the African American Mormon character.
Anyone else notice the writing on the blackboard, "Tesla was robbed!" Anyone else find that ironic considering House's attitude?? Brilliant show I tell ya.

5 Minutes For Mom Cyber Baby Shower!

The lovely ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom ( are having a huge baby bash in celebration of their newborn and almost new born babies. Click over if you want to join in. I'll be answering some the questions they had on their blog.

Some of the prizes that interested me are the toys at Christian Toys for Boys and Girls and the Holly Rose Aromatherapy collection.

Caedmon's birth
Labor started off well with my second child. I went into labor on my birthday and I kept praying that the little guy would hold off until midnight so he could have his own birthday (he made it by 9 minutes!).
I sat around at home and told my hubby (who was working a night shift) and my daughter to go to sleep. By 8pm I couldn't stand it any longer and dragged both of their delirious hides to the car.
"Do you want me to drive," hubby asked sleepily.
I felt like my contractions were fine and told him I'd drive. Five minutes from the hospital I realized that women in labor ought not to drive. I puffed my way into a parking space and we booked it up the L & D floor.
The labor itself couldn't have gone better...besides my husband, a close girlfriend was in the room with me. After Caedmon came out the who had driven my friend to the hospital asked if he could come in and look at the baby. There this stranger was looking around at the cleanup and he pitches forward and faints! Luckily he had slumped into the side of a chair on his way down or he would've been hurting. Every time I spend time with my girl friend we still laugh over the poor shlub fainting.

Monday, October 01, 2007

London Bound

Wish I could say I was going to London...nope, just the hubby. This is his first overseas jaunt that wasn't a work (as in missions) trip. Someone asked me today why I'm not jealous; because I get to buy Halloween Hot Wheels and Littlest Pet Shop toys today, that's why! (Just ignore the sarcasm, it's the candy corn talking!)
I'm sitting here counting down the 45 minutes until "Heroes" starts!! I'll be posting a TV review probably tomorrow night after "House". How did people live before sarcastic TV doctors and people who could slice open heads and absorb their superpower?!