Sunday, October 21, 2007

House Is On Fire!

Soooo...who watched "House" last night? I did, I did!!! I really was questioning whether the writers would be able to pull things out after they got rid of his team last season. They have done an amazing job...I'm hoping the show has a big enough budget to keep a lot of the characters that are on the show now.
I really didn't want them to get rid of the non-doctor and would've preferred to see non-descript youngish white guy to leave...I think he's next. Kal Penn is just fun to have around. I'm glad that the old team is still dipping their hands in as well.
They are asking a lot of religious-based questions this season...I don't agree with all of their answers, but I like that they're blunt about it.

Any thoughts, fellow House lovers?


Tara said...

I love House. I wish they would have kept the non-doctor old guy too. I really liked his character. I bet he comes back somehow.

joannmski said...

I like non doctor guy too. I think that pretty brown haired girl is getting boring, and we really want the blonde mean girl to go home. Is that Kal Penn? My oldest daughter says she makes her not want to watch House because she is so irritating.

I didn't like the idea of the team going, but the mock reality show premise is working out to be pretty fun.

Qtpies7 said...

I really enjoy House, but I haven't watched an episode this season. I just don't watch tv often anymore. If we can catch it on the stations website I'll watch it eventually.
thanks for entering my Quelf giveaways! You cannot imagine how much fun that game is! My friends all ask me to bring it to everything, and my mom bought one and loved it, my step-mom wants it for Christmas, and my brother and his wife are goign to buy it and the JR. version!