Tuesday, October 02, 2007

5 Minutes For Mom Cyber Baby Shower!

The lovely ladies over at 5 Minutes for Mom ( http://www.5minutesformom.com/) are having a huge baby bash in celebration of their newborn and almost new born babies. Click over if you want to join in. I'll be answering some the questions they had on their blog.

Some of the prizes that interested me are the toys at Christian Toys for Boys and Girls and the Holly Rose Aromatherapy collection.

Caedmon's birth
Labor started off well with my second child. I went into labor on my birthday and I kept praying that the little guy would hold off until midnight so he could have his own birthday (he made it by 9 minutes!).
I sat around at home and told my hubby (who was working a night shift) and my daughter to go to sleep. By 8pm I couldn't stand it any longer and dragged both of their delirious hides to the car.
"Do you want me to drive," hubby asked sleepily.
I felt like my contractions were fine and told him I'd drive. Five minutes from the hospital I realized that women in labor ought not to drive. I puffed my way into a parking space and we booked it up the L & D floor.
The labor itself couldn't have gone better...besides my husband, a close girlfriend was in the room with me. After Caedmon came out the who had driven my friend to the hospital asked if he could come in and look at the baby. There this stranger was looking around at the cleanup and he pitches forward and faints! Luckily he had slumped into the side of a chair on his way down or he would've been hurting. Every time I spend time with my girl friend we still laugh over the poor shlub fainting.


Jen said...

Hi Im cyper partying

oh :( labour on your birthday

so you share a birthday with your son

HotMama said...

Too funny! You do all that work, and the guy faints.

striving... said...

I think that is hilrious. Great story.

Pamela said...

LOL - Driving and labor do not mix! Glad you made it safely. Thank you for sharing your story. Good Luck

Amanda said...

great story!