Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Daily Dose of Freakout

Had a GREAT dream last night that my hubby's plane crashed and he died. It was one of those dreams that seems to go on forever in sorrow and pain and I woke up feeling weighted.
Also after a good 2 months of not wondering how things were going to get paid...we're back to that place this week. And I'm letting it sit and stew in my brain.
Never mind the virtual bazillion other times that we've had a financial week like this and God's taken us through. Never mind that it's been much worse almost all of those bazillion other times. I'd like to declare myself once again a groveling doubter...acting like the spiritual child I can be. Grrr.

On a completely different sonnet:
The statement, "She was so cute I could eat her!" always seemed like a saying for the crazy. Until this week. My son is suddenly the absolute cutest being on the face of the earth. Every positive or negative look is carved in the cast of an angel. And yes, I want to eat his cheeks.

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Dancer said...

I have always thought my kids were edible and I wonder why we have that thought when we see children that are so cute we could eat them.