Sunday, October 21, 2007

War in the Church

My hip is very, VERY sore today...I took a beating yesterday.

Our church has 5 different house churches that meet weekly. Once a year we try and take each other out in fun ways. Relays, bottle drinking challenges, riddles...and the ultimate game: Musical Chairs! All of us women in the church know how serious this game is...we've made it a contact sport at various women's parties over the last 2 years. Of course I volunteered to go in for my team. I bumped out enough butts to make it to the final 6. The music stopped and I hip-checked one of the other pastor's wives out of the chair. She, by rights, picked me up, dumped me on the ground, and sat on me. Everyone was howling in laughter and I conceded the seat.

This, my friends, is one reason I love our church.

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