Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Frickity Frick

Ah, Elliot, can't wait for your last season on "Scrubs." That being said, the peacock is definately getting most of my viewing time during the week.

Let's tackle Monday:
Heroes: What part are the hispanic twins going to play and what side are they going to be on? Sad for Parkman and the loss of his family. This show continues to remind me, as a believer, that there's more to all of us than meets the eye.

Journeyman: I'm still liking this show, but I'm concerned about the convoluted relationships there. Someone is bound to cheat and that bothers me. Definately a fun diversion show. Also, a show about finding the deeper meaning in your daily life.

Onto tonight's episode of "House". I was really skeptical after the loss of his three amigos, but they came at it in an amazingly novel way. The people wanted sidekicks and they got sidekicks!!! I have to think that Kal Penn's character is going to stick around. Love the old guy who's nothing technically a doctor. Wonder if House is realizing that is flagrant display of rule-breaking is getting him the patients and applicants he currently has.
Interesting twist too with the African American Mormon character.
Anyone else notice the writing on the blackboard, "Tesla was robbed!" Anyone else find that ironic considering House's attitude?? Brilliant show I tell ya.

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