Saturday, January 31, 2009

Latest Addiction

I avoid MTV...I usually find that there's nothing that even remotely interesting in their programming. BUT, they are currently showing "America's Best Dance Crew" which I LOVE. I secretly always wanted to take dancing lessons as a kid...but never did. I took swing lessons in high school with a friend and loved it and my fav workout DVD is Carmen Electra's dance aerobics. So, I watch the show on MTV in amazement at the team's skills. You have to go online and watch the fitness test episode. They've got some amazing cloggers (I kid you not!) that are tearing it up. There's a girls group (Beat Freaks) that I think are great.

Anyone else watching this show? Thoughts?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Picking Up No Vibrations

I'm going on day 4 of being without a phone...somewhere between the car and the house, it disappeared into the mountain of snow. I don't really mind not having a phone except:
-I don't know anyone's phone number
-I never know what time it is when I'm out and about
-The check engine light is on in the blue car and I'm waiting for it to die while I'm driving it.
So, my crappy $25 phone has bit the dust and taken my SIM with it to it's frigid grave.

Other than THAT my life is a little slice of theologically challenging sunshine! We're staying super busy and meeting with a lot of different groups during our normal week, but it's all great. You ever get those moments in your church when you feel a breeze of God-driven change stirred up. I believe we're feeling it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Look at the Birds of the Air

Those of you who know me know I'm a low key person. I'm one who likes to keep it simple. As a result, I try to live a life that's well balanced. What does that look like?

Well, I try to get up early to either exercise.Exercise definately helps my overall outlook on my day by boosting the positive chemicals in my brain and body.

I know my limitations of busyness in my life and make sure that I stay within my limits of commitment.

I continue to pursue those things I love: guitar, reading non-fiction, video games.

There seems to be way too much pressure that we put on ourselves as women to be on top of everything...the house, kids, job (in or out of home) and interacting well with the hubby. I truly believe that studying the Word keeps my focus on what's really going on and (usually) keeps me from freaking out over things that aren't mine to be concerned about. I continue to come back to Matthew 6:24-34...I mean really can we add an hour to our life by being worried? No!

So, for me, I've found that keeping Him and His way central to my days keeps me balanced and (mostly) worryless. (hey, I wouldn't be female if my emotions didn't take over occasionally!)

*This post was written for Parent Bloggers Network as a part of a sweepstakes sponsored by BOCA. *

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mentally Worked Over

Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE to dig into a subject. I'm shocked that up until a month ago, I had no idea what Arminianism was and that it was in opposition to Calvinism. My brain has been dwelling on such fun stuff and I've been doing so much research. It's great!

As someone who thinks it's stupid to take your Life laying down I'm guilty of not shoring up my own thoughts on things like limited atonement. I also think this has been fun because the hubby and I are able to have mind stretching conversations. It drives him nuts that I hold to some contrary thoughts. But where would the growth be if we all thought the same thing?!

All that to say, I'm totally neglecting my Wednesday group study of Job...we're halfway through and I'm tired of the same jerky ignorance by Job's friends. I hope I'd never be so harsh to a friend who has sores with worms living in them. Just hoping.

In other news, the hubby is currently down in Nicaragua for 5 days doing is mission's guy thing. Soooo, the kids are watching lots of TV so that mummy can keep her sanity! Props to my friend Michelle for giving me a break and thanks to Lanell and Bink for giving me grown up talk!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brain Candy or Necessary Strengths?

Loving my life right now. I just came back from B-town after going to April's wedding. This is someone who I've known for a long time...really the first wedding I've been to where I felt such a deep satisfaction and joy at the union. Not that the other weddings I've been to haven't been right, but this is someone who I know well. Makes me wish I hadn't missed my Jess's wedding a year ago. I had no idea weddings could make me this happy. Okay, okay, enough gushing.
The other recent life bonus has been this crazy weekly time where the hubby and I get together with a couple other people and tackle the deep Biblical questions and the brain candy questions.
Questions like:

Free will and predestination

Scriptural canonization

Armenianism and Calvinism

This is something I love doing because it's what gets me digging into the Bible and really getting to know what matters. It's something I wish we could do with every believer and in big groups...but both those settings can cause problems like: misunderstandings, schisms, lost faith, etc. I have a real beef with education...why the hell does a religous education cost more than a normal education when it's so important??? I want to go to seminary and learn, but I have to spend four years doing something else first. That's why I read so much, I hunger to learn these things (some of it I have) and do what I can about it.

It's also had the fun offshoot of causing the hubby and I to spend time searching the Bible during the day. Sigh, though admittedly, I'm still an extremely lazy person and get distracted from Real life by any number of TV shows, crappy fiction or video game. Ack!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Fascinating, in an Annoying Sort of Way

Hormones are amazing things...I wish I could describe to males in a definative way how it can change our view of things from day to day. Some innocuous comment one week is liable to piss us off or make us cry the next.
Yet, when I see how matter of factly men take things I'm glad that we're different. I'm glad there's one who is less emotional and more emotional...most situations call for a little bit of both.

These thoughts rumble around today as my stinking hormones dip me in a little funk, one I know full well will disappear in 2 days for no reason other than the cycle.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cockroaches & Barf

The current barfiness makes me a very lucky girl...and I'll tell you why: this is the 1st barfing my son has done in the last 2 1/2 years! Woo hoo! Also, it only last for 10 hours and seemed to be food related and not actually an illness.

Onto the unlucky news: I believe we have cockroaches! Agh! I found one on my floor yesterday and everyone tells me that if I see one, then there's enough in my house to rival the national debt number. So, I was getting a little worked up about it envisioning us having to vacate for weeks will the nasty little, nuclear blast surviving bastards could be squashed. Then I did som research and it sounds like there some traps and sprays I could buy at the store that could take care of it.
Also, these cockroaches aren't the hand-sized monsters that live in Turkey and (I've heard) the South.

Anyone tried the store stuff? What works for you?