Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Picking Up No Vibrations

I'm going on day 4 of being without a phone...somewhere between the car and the house, it disappeared into the mountain of snow. I don't really mind not having a phone except:
-I don't know anyone's phone number
-I never know what time it is when I'm out and about
-The check engine light is on in the blue car and I'm waiting for it to die while I'm driving it.
So, my crappy $25 phone has bit the dust and taken my SIM with it to it's frigid grave.

Other than THAT my life is a little slice of theologically challenging sunshine! We're staying super busy and meeting with a lot of different groups during our normal week, but it's all great. You ever get those moments in your church when you feel a breeze of God-driven change stirred up. I believe we're feeling it.

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gina said...

Congrats- you won my giveaway! I will email you for your address. Enjoy!!