Sunday, August 30, 2009

The First School Year Cold...

...and it was ME who got it. The kids stayed healthy and had a blast at their first week in school.

I'm already realizing that the hours are going to fly by and I might not be nearly as productive as I hoped. But I'm looking at the small things this week and am happy:

-cleaning the living room, uninterrupted
-talking for an hour to Jason, uninterrupted
-eating an ADULT (read veggies) lunch, uninterrupted
-taking a hike on the mesa, for 1 1/2 hours, uninterrupted

If there seems to be a theme to this, there is. A glorious theme of being able to do things 5 days a week like I haven't been able to for the last 7 years.


Monday, August 17, 2009

And Yet They Cuddle In My Bed

So, I bug bombed the house approximately two weeks ago and was thrilled to see many a dead spider in the aftermath airing and cleaning session. I did it then KNOWING that late August to mid-September is prime wolf spider time around our house.

In that last we I've squished
-2 in my tub
-3 in the kitchen
-1 in the living room
-STEPPED on a large one next to my bed
-AND had one trying to crawl into the crack between the wall and the mattress while I was laying right there


Really, I handle most insects fine, maybe it's because of the word "wolf" (my nightmare animal since childhood), but these big, leggy beasts of bite invading my room make me want to flip!


Maybe I'll try to bomb again in a week...get 'em when they're big.

Monday, August 10, 2009

His Influence

My daughter came home from the neighbor's house yesterday upset because her friend had yelled at her. She felt as though the whole world hated her and I assured her it was going to be fine.

"I guess it's for God's glory somehow," she sniffled.

Did my kid just say that? I continue to be touched at how much He is influencing her thoughts. Despite my parenting faux pas and my hormonal swings, despite my rantings and bad examples, He continues to work all of it for His good.