Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best of Both Worlds

I posted earlier about my daughter's increasing vocabulary and I got a couple e-mail's asking me what the words were. Mind you, unless you have/know a 5 year old these words may not seem very impressive:
Also, let me add that while I'm very nerdy in my vocabulary I also have a swearing problem. Jason used to stare at me in horror our first year of marriage as he heard the f-bomb more times than any husband ought to.
My folks were the parents that wouldn't let us say "butt", so once I was married I let the four-letters words fly in celebration of my new-found freedom. It was all very fun to swear like a sailor until sweet Ruth started saying "Shit" at 1 1/2. I laughed loudly the first time she said it(even swearing is cute at that age), and realized too late that I'd made her think good comedy was wrapped up in "shit". We cured her of that and have taken the stance of mild words of anger are fine (crap, shoot) and as she gets older I'll give her more freedom. We've also come up with some great inside insults. Ruth and Caedmon "Eeny, Meany, Miney, Mo" each other and then open their eyes and point at the person and say, "You're a nutbag mustachio!" Nothing like a little "nutbag mustachio" to start the day off right!

Monday, January 29, 2007

So, there ya go!

Okay folksies
Here's my opinion on all the TV shows I'm watching:

Heroes: This is my favorite show right now, bar none! It speaks of the hope of a world as well as the desire of each man's realize he's unique and has a specifice purpose. I've never really read comics, but I do enjoy me some good fantasy, and this does it.

House: Yes, we all know Hugh Laurie is brilliantly sarcastic, but they need to branch out somehow script-wise. I know they tried with the cop busting House, but they made the whole run a complete joke by letting NOTHING House or anyone he works with. This show may well be on its way out for me.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I'm not quite sure why I'm sticking with this one...I find just enough quirks in it to make me keep coming back. I'm also interested to see how well a show does with a "Christian" (I use that in the broadest sense) as a main character. I'm expecting to be disappointed

CSI: I love medical shows and grew up under my dad a, dead things fascinate me. The show has had a pretty consistent run and I find the calm pastoral attitude of Grissom very comforting to watch. BUT, they've taken him out of the picture for a couple of episodes and I'm not sure they've built up the rest of the cast enough to carry it. To be continued...
Desperate Housewives: Really ought to be renamed to "Desperate Scriptwriters"! The plot has gotten more sordid and plain ridiculous the longer the show is running. I'm sure some VH1 special will someday call this show our generation's "Dynasty" The first season had some depth to it and had something to say about humanity as a whole (I think this is why "Grey's" and "Heroes" are so successful). Give us more time with the Scavos and let Gabi and Carlos get back together.

Grey's Anatomy: Like I've already said
medical + statement about the human condition= awesome show!
I agree with everyone who got tired of meredith and darrick and I think the writers did a superb job of getting the focus off of them and keeping the same level of interest in the rest of the cast. I'm a little concerned that they won't be able to maintain this level of goodness for more than a season more.

So, there's my roundup (as if you care), thoughts????

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Are Big Words Genetic?

I've started to realize that my 5 yr old daughter is frequently using unusually lofty words for her, my question is, is a propensity for "fancy talk" (thanks Patrick Star) genetic? I've been told since my 2 kiddos were born that they were both very articulate for their age. Most of my friends assume I read to them a lot and that's the reason for the vocabulary...but I don't!! I try to read to them, but it doesn't happen often.
I've always had a dorkily fancy vocabulary because I was a voracious reader as a child (My parents were isolationist homeschoolers...I had no friends). When I entered real school in jr high many of my peers had no idea what I was saying most of the time. I still have my friends and husband look at me strangely sometimes when I talk.

On another note, I've been considering the purposes behind food a lot lately. I have read a couple of great posts on this topic in the LOPW blogroll lately too. Here's the gist of my thoughts:
In regards to food, God has been working on me a lot lately. Why did He create food for us to eat? How do we eat (or not eat) in such a way that honors Him? I have taken to heart too many of societies "dos and donts" in terms of food. There is a healthy way to eat, but consider the story of Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abedigo. They ate nothing but veggies and water, while everyone else ate rich (which, back then, wasn't all that bad) food. Logically, the veggie eaters should've been weaker than all the others, but GOD TOLD Daniel to eat veggies and God allowed them to become strong by it. It finally struck me that this is truly a miracle and an instance of God directing ones eating.
God may call me to fast for 2 days. Bodily that may not be the most healthy thing, but it may further my spiritual life.
God may ask me to sit down at an eating contest and compete so that I can start a relationship with another contestant.
He may ask me to eat only a bowl of rice a day, to better understand the plight of people in poor countries.
He may not ever ask me to eat anything other than the "norm". I'm not saying that He will direct a person's every bite, but I think food ought to be looked at in light of Him more often. How do we look at food from His perspective??? I'd love to hear comments from others!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Tardiness

Sorry about my internet silence...too much life time for me to post. Also, I don't like to post meaningless prattle (most of the time), so I only want to talk if I have something to say.
It's looking like my friend and I might be headed to China in April to deliver Easter eggs to Chinese students. I'm way psyched! I told my friend it's my training for "Amazing Race", which I would love to be on, but I can't talk anybody else into doing it!
Caedmon is amazingly good kid who has had 2 intensely bad temper tantrums in the last week. Both of them were hour long hysterics with nothing in sight that could comfort him. Not to toot my own horn, but I've come a long way with mothering. I rarely get pissed off or yell at my kiddos anymore. I chalk it up to God working on my mothering skills a whole lot over the last 5 years. Hopefully Ruth blocked out a lot of my "Bitchy Mom" moments from her early years.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Quickie

Here's a great commercial:

Here's a pastor's wife who's had some great posts on her blog lately and some very relevant discussion:

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A brilliant man once said...

I'm reading another amazing book that's hitting me right in the gut. The author himself has some great quotes, but he included some good ones as well. So, here they are:
"A more reasonable estimate of human costs and values will lead us to think that no labour is better expended than that which explores the way to the treasure-houses of the spirit, and shows mankind where to find those goods which are increased by being shared, and which none can take from us." -William Inge

I couldn't agree more...this is my deepest desire in my daily walk.

Here's the book I'm reading- The Spirit of the Disciplines by Dallas Willard