Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Tardiness

Sorry about my internet silence...too much life time for me to post. Also, I don't like to post meaningless prattle (most of the time), so I only want to talk if I have something to say.
It's looking like my friend and I might be headed to China in April to deliver Easter eggs to Chinese students. I'm way psyched! I told my friend it's my training for "Amazing Race", which I would love to be on, but I can't talk anybody else into doing it!
Caedmon is amazingly good kid who has had 2 intensely bad temper tantrums in the last week. Both of them were hour long hysterics with nothing in sight that could comfort him. Not to toot my own horn, but I've come a long way with mothering. I rarely get pissed off or yell at my kiddos anymore. I chalk it up to God working on my mothering skills a whole lot over the last 5 years. Hopefully Ruth blocked out a lot of my "Bitchy Mom" moments from her early years.

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Cool Mama said...

Ahhh yes..the years of 'temper tantrums' - I remember them well. I wish 'Super Nanny' had been around for me to watch, when my kids were learning how to 'pitch a fit'!! And don't worry, they do forget when mommy pitches one too!