Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Best of Both Worlds

I posted earlier about my daughter's increasing vocabulary and I got a couple e-mail's asking me what the words were. Mind you, unless you have/know a 5 year old these words may not seem very impressive:
Also, let me add that while I'm very nerdy in my vocabulary I also have a swearing problem. Jason used to stare at me in horror our first year of marriage as he heard the f-bomb more times than any husband ought to.
My folks were the parents that wouldn't let us say "butt", so once I was married I let the four-letters words fly in celebration of my new-found freedom. It was all very fun to swear like a sailor until sweet Ruth started saying "Shit" at 1 1/2. I laughed loudly the first time she said it(even swearing is cute at that age), and realized too late that I'd made her think good comedy was wrapped up in "shit". We cured her of that and have taken the stance of mild words of anger are fine (crap, shoot) and as she gets older I'll give her more freedom. We've also come up with some great inside insults. Ruth and Caedmon "Eeny, Meany, Miney, Mo" each other and then open their eyes and point at the person and say, "You're a nutbag mustachio!" Nothing like a little "nutbag mustachio" to start the day off right!

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Cool Mama said...

Oh you are TOO funny! An honest Christian who admits to swearing! Hmmm...Confessing our faults to one another - who on earth would actually risk that??! You did! And Bravo! Not that you want to continue dropping f-bombs..but now we know alittle more about who you really are..and can sympathize with you on your journey! As to the little one....our oldest is now 27, and in the ministry - guess what? He had that odd 'beeped out' word in his early vocabulary too. Guess it doesn't warp them..and sure taught us to clean up our act! So...bless you sweetie! I feel liek I've found a fellow sojourner!