Monday, January 29, 2007

So, there ya go!

Okay folksies
Here's my opinion on all the TV shows I'm watching:

Heroes: This is my favorite show right now, bar none! It speaks of the hope of a world as well as the desire of each man's realize he's unique and has a specifice purpose. I've never really read comics, but I do enjoy me some good fantasy, and this does it.

House: Yes, we all know Hugh Laurie is brilliantly sarcastic, but they need to branch out somehow script-wise. I know they tried with the cop busting House, but they made the whole run a complete joke by letting NOTHING House or anyone he works with. This show may well be on its way out for me.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I'm not quite sure why I'm sticking with this one...I find just enough quirks in it to make me keep coming back. I'm also interested to see how well a show does with a "Christian" (I use that in the broadest sense) as a main character. I'm expecting to be disappointed

CSI: I love medical shows and grew up under my dad a, dead things fascinate me. The show has had a pretty consistent run and I find the calm pastoral attitude of Grissom very comforting to watch. BUT, they've taken him out of the picture for a couple of episodes and I'm not sure they've built up the rest of the cast enough to carry it. To be continued...
Desperate Housewives: Really ought to be renamed to "Desperate Scriptwriters"! The plot has gotten more sordid and plain ridiculous the longer the show is running. I'm sure some VH1 special will someday call this show our generation's "Dynasty" The first season had some depth to it and had something to say about humanity as a whole (I think this is why "Grey's" and "Heroes" are so successful). Give us more time with the Scavos and let Gabi and Carlos get back together.

Grey's Anatomy: Like I've already said
medical + statement about the human condition= awesome show!
I agree with everyone who got tired of meredith and darrick and I think the writers did a superb job of getting the focus off of them and keeping the same level of interest in the rest of the cast. I'm a little concerned that they won't be able to maintain this level of goodness for more than a season more.

So, there's my roundup (as if you care), thoughts????

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Cool Mama said...

Totally with you on the Hero's show - love it! My girls and I sit cuddled up on the couch and watch it. Also, I love the TV crime shows too - CSI Miami, New York, and just plain CSI- Hubby hates it tho, says 'it's gross' - can't stand the crimes! Oh well...trying to find a happy balance with all that. AND I love LOST...and last but not least, yes House is good too! Glad to hear I'm not the only one out there watching TV. Oh..and I do love SuperNanny or Nanny 911 - which ever one it is, that she goes back and visits the family to see how they're doing. Smart!