Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yes, It's Late...

...and I'm up still because I have a helluva time falling asleep when Jason's gone. When he's here, I get irritated with him crowding me in bed. But, when he's gone, I'm so sad to lay down in the bed alone.

This trip has been amazing for both of us...he's doing exactly as he's told by the One in charge. And I'm getting to do the same thing here. Hey, have you ever told your kid's the story of Satan's fall from heaven? Why don't we tell them the meaning behind it all?

Also, a friend asked me this week why we took all the sad endings out of fairy tales nowadays. My instinct was to say it was a good thing, but is deluding our kids into thinking that life is easy such a good thing?

Friday, February 27, 2009

My Five

Barking Mad is first and foremost a great blog to read. Secondly, it's a blog chock full of fun contests. Her current contest asks readers to compile their top five blog posts (aka the one's that represent them the best). Talk about a fun task. I enjoyed looked back at my own craziness. So, here they are:

1. Are Big Words Genetic?
2. What If...
3. Lesser Addiction
4. Generation Gap
5. Money Doesn't Make the World Go Round

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

"O how we need in the church today spiritual leaders with passion for the truth of Christ! We need logic on fire, truth aflame with zeal, the light of sound reason and the heat of strong love for God's glory. Where are the people—young and old—in whom the gospel of the glory of Christ burns like a fire in your bones? The person burdened with a word from the Spirit of God finds no relief until he speaks it." -John Piper

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Truth did Elisabeth Elliot grasp?

"Behold, these are the FRINGES of His ways, and how a faint a word we hear of Him!"
Job 26:14

I've been having a blast with life for the last couple of months. "Why," you may ask. Through my husband's conversations with others and my own time in Job I feel like I have grasped, to a deep level, a great foundational truth of life. Here it is:

Everything that happens is to glorify God.

It's simple, it's amazing and it can be so profound. This has given me such confidance in Him and all He asks of us (as a family) and us (as a Body).

In all of Jason's overseas travel, I've waffled with acceptance, selfishness, whineyness, and anger over when/what He asks of our family. But in my current understanding of God, I can finally worshipfully accept whatever He asks of us. If this means that this is the trip that sends Jason to death or prison...I am okay with because it's to HIS GLORY. It doesn't mean I'm heartless, nor that I wouldn't be mournful, but I understand it all now.

I know I'm not explaining myself very clearly right now, but I hope to continue to show you my heart in these posts.

Please pray for Jason as he and a friend travel to Thailand today. Jason will be flying back to us on March 2nd.

May we be covered in the dust of Him who calls us.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Beat Freaks

I love watching my kids revel in their sugar and brightly colored cards from class parties. What a sweet holiday for my kids. It is funny to watch my daughter and realize that as soon as next year she could get actual love notes from boys in her class.

She is still apparently the proud owner of 2 boyfriends...though one only likes her and she doesn't like him.

In TV news, I'm completely digging the Beat Freaks and Quest Crew on America's Best Dance Crew. A week ago I was glued to the computer as I burned through all the episodes of the 3 seasons. I have this crazy personality where I will run hard after a topic I like w/ music, books, TV, etc until I feel like I've exhausted it. I'm a passionate person, most definately...This can be really unfortunate when there are other subjects that rightly should have more importance and weight.

My back is whack right now because it's been weeks since I've been to the chiropractor (we're blessed with one who does it for free), weeks since I've found time to exercise, weeks since the hubby and I have been able to connect for any length of time and my hormones are off base.
There, that's my quick lament.

Some interesting things are happening spiritually. Hubby had God speak his name audibly and wake him up. There was a vision brought out during prayer about my hubby. Weird! He's flying a friend to Thailand in a week and we're wondering if this is about that or if it has to do with other exciting shifts in my hubby's growth in God. Hmmm..

How are you???

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mopey Muppets

My son, my sweet I want to hang you by your toes!
This kid has been on such a whining streak! Nothing in his life is good enough and it's all against him and his world is shattered daily by how sucky his life is! Poor 4 year hoo.
As you can see, I have no sympathy right now for him...he's got plenty of toys and electronics to entertain him. He can eat and chill and not work too hard.
Oh to be back in the days where the worst thing to happen in ones life was boredom!

The other problem I'm having with him is that he won't talk to me! My daughter expresses her feelings so that we can talk through it, but he clams up and won't talk to me about what's bugging him...Agh!

In other news, still missing my hubby. We're in this really busy phase in life right now where I really don't get to see him much. He has this great guy friend who was out of town for awhile and is now back. That's nice, but now I have to share my husband again and it causes me to pout. We only have Tuesday evenings free to even see each other any more.
So, I guess I know where my son got the whining from. :0)

Friday, February 06, 2009

8 Years Ago...

...yesterday, I eloped with my sweet hubby! We were 18 and 20, following God toward the altar. We went to the Denver County Courthouse and the ceremony cost us a whopping $10! We went up to the mountains in our wedding finery and said our vows in front of He brought us together.
In honor of those crazy 8 years, here is:

8 Things I Love About Jason

1. His deep hunger to refine and grow in his knowledge of God
2. He cares fiercely for our missionaries and fulfilling the Great Commission.
3. He's wise and only shares his opinion when it really counts.
4. He takes life as it comes, trusting Him to take care of us (I'm getting there).
5. He's hot and has this amazing dimple on his cheek...I haven't seen it in a couple years because of his beard.
6. He loves me and strives to keep our relationship right.
7. He loves our kids and wanted to be a dad even before we met.
8. I LOVE that God, in His amazing power, gave me exactly what I needed in Jason!