Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mopey Muppets

My son, my sweet son...how I want to hang you by your toes!
This kid has been on such a whining streak! Nothing in his life is good enough and it's all against him and his world is shattered daily by how sucky his life is! Poor 4 year old...boo hoo.
As you can see, I have no sympathy right now for him...he's got plenty of toys and electronics to entertain him. He can eat and chill and not work too hard.
Oh to be back in the days where the worst thing to happen in ones life was boredom!

The other problem I'm having with him is that he won't talk to me! My daughter expresses her feelings so that we can talk through it, but he clams up and won't talk to me about what's bugging him...Agh!

In other news, still missing my hubby. We're in this really busy phase in life right now where I really don't get to see him much. He has this great guy friend who was out of town for awhile and is now back. That's nice, but now I have to share my husband again and it causes me to pout. We only have Tuesday evenings free to even see each other any more.
So, I guess I know where my son got the whining from. :0)

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