Friday, February 13, 2009

Beat Freaks

I love watching my kids revel in their sugar and brightly colored cards from class parties. What a sweet holiday for my kids. It is funny to watch my daughter and realize that as soon as next year she could get actual love notes from boys in her class.

She is still apparently the proud owner of 2 boyfriends...though one only likes her and she doesn't like him.

In TV news, I'm completely digging the Beat Freaks and Quest Crew on America's Best Dance Crew. A week ago I was glued to the computer as I burned through all the episodes of the 3 seasons. I have this crazy personality where I will run hard after a topic I like w/ music, books, TV, etc until I feel like I've exhausted it. I'm a passionate person, most definately...This can be really unfortunate when there are other subjects that rightly should have more importance and weight.

My back is whack right now because it's been weeks since I've been to the chiropractor (we're blessed with one who does it for free), weeks since I've found time to exercise, weeks since the hubby and I have been able to connect for any length of time and my hormones are off base.
There, that's my quick lament.

Some interesting things are happening spiritually. Hubby had God speak his name audibly and wake him up. There was a vision brought out during prayer about my hubby. Weird! He's flying a friend to Thailand in a week and we're wondering if this is about that or if it has to do with other exciting shifts in my hubby's growth in God. Hmmm..

How are you???


Darcie - Such The Spot said...

You may very well be the only mom I've ever heard say that they love watching their kids revel in a post valentine party sugar high! Talk about a fun mom!

Tarasview said...

how am I? I'm moving in a week so I'm stressed.

And my kids are hyper and driving me crazy.

Other than that I'm all good!