Thursday, December 28, 2006

What if...

...we all lived up to the person He desires us to be??? I've spent a lot of time reading biographies of Christians throughout history. My first thought used to be one of jealousy that these people had been blessed so much. Now I read of their lives and see each as the ordinary human that they are. BUT...they choose to do things that God asks them to do in spite of earthly common sense.
The Church would be mightily shaken if any generation could catch the vision (first as individuals, then corporately) of who He calls us to be. I look around at my church body that desperately is trying to come closer to its calling. But we the people keep wanting one pat answer that will get us all there in the same way.
My own struggle in the past has been feeling the need to do "safe" Christianity for the sake of my kids. Surely God needs them to see legalistic and scheduled belief so that they know who He is. Ha! This Christmas season was littered with us listening to God. I traveled to Thailand for 8 days by myself last week. I missed Ruth's birthday and she missed school. My kids were sent to the grandpartents house. And because of a freak Denver snow storm we almost didn't get home to Jason for Christmas. And yet:
-my kids were loved and adored by grandparents
-my daughter was thrown 3 separate b-day parties
-I learned to trust God that He's bigger than a standby list
-Jason learned that God is bigger than overbooked flights to snowed-in Denver
-my kids are great buddies since most things (excluding family) are so transient
Christmas had the correct focus of praise and awe of our amazing God because of the illogical (but Spirit-led) choice of sending me to Thailand.
Sisters and brothers let me tell you flying standby to Bangkok is a harrowing experience. I needed to make it onto 7 separate overbooked flights to make it there and back to Denver. God got me on EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT. Including a flight through Hawaii that had many holiday flyers. Praise God for who He is. I'm so overwhelmed with Him and His faithfulness, AMEN!!!

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