Thursday, December 28, 2006

Quote from Martin Luther (the Reformer)

I found this passage to be highly encouraging from the old Reformer.

"Again I saw great, thick clouds roll above us, so heavy they looked like great seas, and I saw no ground on which they could rest nor any barrels to hold them and yet they fell not on us, but threatened us and floated on. When they passed by, the rainbow shone forth, the rainbow which was the floor that held them up...But some people look at the thickness of the clouds and the thinness of the ray, and they fear and worry. They would like to feel how strong the rainbow is, and when they cannot do so they think the clouds will bring another deluge."


Cool Mama said...

HI! I should tell you, that I drop in alot and read...but haven't been faithful to leave a comment - hopefully this year, I'll be more'friendly'!! Anwyays..loved the quote from Martin's for 'me'. Thanks for posting it!

Julie Fink said...

This was a good thought!