Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Love my Life


I'm leaving for Thailand on Thursday.I know! We're crazy! I'm blown away by the infinite contuously perfect Timing going on.

Fact #1

My weekend away totally refocused me and has kept me on a road of good (laid back), enshallah timing. It's no accident that weekend happened right before this trip.

Fact #2

Jason's folks can take the kids and the kids are psyched. They're also in traveling mode because of last week and are used to moving around a lot because of our summer "nomadicy".

Fact #3

I was able to see His plan in delayed flights last week in a powerful way...there's a very real possibility of that happening this time as well.

Fact #4

All the books I've been reading have focused me rightly.

The only downside to this whole adventure is the wicked jet lag: 14 hour time difference and only 5 days there! If you're a praying person pray for a miraculous jet lag avoidance!

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Heather said...

Wow, Thailand. Do tell - why? with whom? etc, etc.