Saturday, January 31, 2009

Latest Addiction

I avoid MTV...I usually find that there's nothing that even remotely interesting in their programming. BUT, they are currently showing "America's Best Dance Crew" which I LOVE. I secretly always wanted to take dancing lessons as a kid...but never did. I took swing lessons in high school with a friend and loved it and my fav workout DVD is Carmen Electra's dance aerobics. So, I watch the show on MTV in amazement at the team's skills. You have to go online and watch the fitness test episode. They've got some amazing cloggers (I kid you not!) that are tearing it up. There's a girls group (Beat Freaks) that I think are great.

Anyone else watching this show? Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

good!! after entering the world of internet I lost TV ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for entering my giveaways!

Miss Jocelyn