Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brain Candy or Necessary Strengths?

Loving my life right now. I just came back from B-town after going to April's wedding. This is someone who I've known for a long time...really the first wedding I've been to where I felt such a deep satisfaction and joy at the union. Not that the other weddings I've been to haven't been right, but this is someone who I know well. Makes me wish I hadn't missed my Jess's wedding a year ago. I had no idea weddings could make me this happy. Okay, okay, enough gushing.
The other recent life bonus has been this crazy weekly time where the hubby and I get together with a couple other people and tackle the deep Biblical questions and the brain candy questions.
Questions like:

Free will and predestination

Scriptural canonization

Armenianism and Calvinism

This is something I love doing because it's what gets me digging into the Bible and really getting to know what matters. It's something I wish we could do with every believer and in big groups...but both those settings can cause problems like: misunderstandings, schisms, lost faith, etc. I have a real beef with education...why the hell does a religous education cost more than a normal education when it's so important??? I want to go to seminary and learn, but I have to spend four years doing something else first. That's why I read so much, I hunger to learn these things (some of it I have) and do what I can about it.

It's also had the fun offshoot of causing the hubby and I to spend time searching the Bible during the day. Sigh, though admittedly, I'm still an extremely lazy person and get distracted from Real life by any number of TV shows, crappy fiction or video game. Ack!

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