Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Embarrassing Rendition of my Self

Today was a category 20 bad day. I lost it and yelled...a lot. I whined and screamed...I swore like a sailor within earshot of my kids. I whimpered and said I was giving up. What brought all this on?

Talking to car insurance companies over the accident I didn't cause BUT for which I got my first ever ticket. GRRRRRR!!!!

I don't do well with strangers, especially strangers who can increase our car insurance. So, I say the quickest answer that comes to my mind and generally use a tone of guilt when I'm innocent. I've never learned how to stick up for myself against "the Man", so I've stuck to "stickin it" to the Man in a passive aggressive manner.

My poor hubby still hasn't grasped that I fall apart under pressure and was a completely flabbergasted by my mental and emotional state today. As usual though he centered me when it was all over and told me to stop walking away from him after screaming at him instead of the insurance guy. *Sigh* Love that man.

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Mr. Fabulous said...

"Category 20 bad day"

I like that.

I'm stealin' it.

Thanks! :)