Sunday, October 14, 2007

There's No Speed Limit in Montana, right???

FYI, that's not true and has never been true, but this is one of the most frequent questions I get about my birth state. I have tried to pull away from every Montana stereotype since I was young...and I've succeeded. But there is one purely hickish Montana aspect to me and my hubby...we're hunters.
We both went through hunter safety as soon as we were old enough and were taking practice shots on small animals long before that. I have fond memories of waking up at 3a.m. on opening day, drinking coffee, wading through a creek in the dark, climbing into a tree stand and waiting for something shootable to pass under my tree. I find my hubby's form of hunting involves too much walking for my taste, so I gave up hunting 5 years ago. Of course God would have me marry a hunter. So, hubby and I are in Montana for his annual antelope hunt with his brother and dad. I'm preparing myself for the smell of wild meat and a couple of days spent in my kitchen cutting said meat up and grinding it. Did I mention that in a week my BIL, FIL and hubby will be shooting two elk in CO???!!! Does anyone know how much meat that is?! A frickin lot for those of you who don't.
So hunting's on my mind and in my smell range and I have nothing but fond memories of it all.


joannmski said...


My DH is a hunter, and I have to say that hunting has given him and his brothers, and FIL, a common hobby to spend time with and a lot of great bonding.

He is a bird hunter. My daughter also. He goes for big game for the first time next month. Yikes!

Kathleen Marie said...

Last year hubby got four deer and we are about out of meat. Elk thought are huge so that is a lot of meat. That would make great Christmas presents! I know my family always appreciates the offerings.