Sunday, October 21, 2007

Birthday Post

I'm enjoying the party over at "From Dates to Diapers". She's asking us all kinds of birthday related questions that I love answering. So here's my latest party post.

When I was younger I would always ask for angel food cake. Not made with your typical fruit on top, but with this amazing brown sugar frosting. As I got older, my sister and I only wanted Creme De Menthe cake. It's white cake mix with creme de menthe mixed in. You spread fudge sauce and whip cream on top. So yummy!

One thing I loved about birthdays in our house was that we could pick out whatever we wanted as our birthday dinner. I know this sounds gross, but I always (even into my teens) asked for Tuna Fish Casserole. My mom has the magic touch when it comes to casseroles, and this was her specialty. My friends would come over for playdates praying that she'd serve it for lunch!

I love party games...hey, I'm highly competitive! In jr. high, my friends and I discovered the magic of Bunko. Last year was by far my best birthday in years. I had seven of my girl friends over to play poker. I love that my friends (most non players) were so willing to play with me.


Tara said...

I'm really gonna need the recipe for that brown sugar icing... I love angel food cake!

Christine said...

That frosting sounds wonderful!!
Thanks so much for playing!

Kate said...

Completely understandable. Especially if it was tuna casserole with potato chip crust!