Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Menopause is Too Far Away

Had one of those scares today. You know the one, the one where you go to King Soopers lugging around your 2 almost in school full time kids looking for the cheapest pregnancy test. Coming home and locking the bathroom door trying to come to grips with the remote possibility (Didn't they tie those tubes well enough?!). AND sighing in relief when its a big fat negativo!

This is the downside to having my kids early. I have a potential of 15 more years of pregnancy possibility. When I had my tubes tied they mentioned that given my age there's always a chance they may just GROW BACK TOGETHER! What?!!! So, all that to say, I need to keep my bathroom stocked with a couple pregnancy tests. Does anyone else keep a couple of those handy just in case?

The best laid plans of mice and tubal ligation...hmph!

(BTW, Blogger seems to be messing with me today, this was posted on Thursday evening)

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Amy said...

I am thinking when the time is right...the MR of the house will have a little snip and cut done.