Tuesday, November 27, 2007

House Gives 13 A Lifeline!!!

Does anyone remember 13's name??? I couldn't have been happier with the outcome, but I was a little surprised that the plastic surgeon got to stay. In hindsight, I think they pulled out this whole storyline because they knew that it had been too much about House. When are he and Cuddy going to get it on? Probably not until Cuddy has to leave the show. I am so excited for where this show goes next!

Hopefully the closed talks over the writer's strike went well today. Sure, I can hold my attention on local politics, but give me a Hollywood writer strike or any news blurg on the country of Turkey or anything about Colony Collapse Disorder and I'm all over it like Homer on a donut!

Hubby update: The man is in Fez, Morocco eating lentils (lots of them apparently) and once again the luggage is coming later than the man. So, their Christmas is postponed a little. Luckily I don't really have much spare time the next 4 days, so I can't miss him.


Tara said...

oh I missed the end of House last night!!!! I was feeding Olivia and she was fussy and I totally missed who got fired! So annoying.

joannmski said...

Thank goodness! I can't remember 13's name either but I like her and hated cutthroat B__.