Friday, November 16, 2007

TV Update

Okay people, "House" had some great episodes the last couple of weeks, but they can't all be winners. This week was just okay...they tried to do too many things in this episode. But the theme of "no one can be trusted" continued in the plastic surgeons life. What is the deal with Cameron still obviously being hung up on House?? Are they going to develop that more? What do you think? They need to kick someone off next week. It's time.

Oh "Grey's Anatomy" you had to go and screw with Bailey...first, you had her had a emotional moment last week over the job (fine, I can take that), BUT to turn her into a giggling schoolgirl and almost ruin my confidence in the one couple still together. For shame!! Granted, you never see Bailey's husband Tucker or her kid, but at least she still has them!! I like what's going on between Lexi and Alex (close name association)...and I also like that the Chief still is being kind to Meredith.

One last comment, I'm getting a little nervous about the writer strike. I seriously look forward to my weekly shows and I will be very sad if the season's are cut short because of it. Most shows have anywhere from 3 to 8 episodes made before their run is through. I'm a little panicked. Do the writer's have good cause to strike?


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