Wednesday, November 07, 2007

TV Update

Finally anonymous white guy (who wants to be overseas) bit the dust. I was impressed by how they got ride of him, just when I thought he'd stick around, he's a liar.
I'm beginning to think that's the whole theme of the show: Everyone's a liar, so don't trust anyone/anything ever. Hmmm, that's depressing, so hopefully that's not their point.
I loved that they had 2 cases going on AND that they have the old team continue to evaluate their issues.
I think the next person to go will be the Mormon...they've taken him about as far as he can go. I'm wondering at what point they'll stop knocking people off. Actually, I can see that being one of the future ways to get rid of one of the teammates...death.

Any thoughts, fellow Housers?


Patriot said...

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joannmski said...

I think it's a good thing, House going and doing exotic missions. And the other team can hold the fort at home. Two patients at once, and House gets to do even more exotic things in the field. Love it!