Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mommy Needs a Review

Mommy Needs A Review is hosting a contest about the BEST missed shot. Here's mine:
I would have to say mine would be CSI-like mock up photos of my daughter's head injury. When she was 2, she ran to give my hubby a hug, tripped and sliced her skin down to the bone RIGHT next to her eye! You know head injuries, lots of blood and parental freaking out because we don't know how bad it is. I can't get the memory of her being held down in the ER as they use what might as well be a fishhook to sew up the wound. My daughter likes to repeat the story, but I'm not sure she actually remembers any of it. Thank God for no pictures!


Kristen said...

oh, you are right. That memory doesn't need any pictures. It'll be in your head FOREVER. These kids are going to be the death of us. We too had the fishhook stitching incident too.

Tara said...

wow. that is quite the missed shot! I have a similar one. The day I brought my son Owen home from the hospital my son Aiden, then 17 months old, ran tearing through our home, tripped and split open his forehead. And yes, there was much blood and screaming. Luckily my mother in law was there. I passed her my newborn, picked up my bleeding son, started crying and peed my pants... yep. That's right. I peed my pants. Put my son down, still crying, cleaned myself up, took son and infant and mother in law to hospital where they asked ME to hold him down so they could stitch him up. I almost passed out. We got home, I put my son down and peed my pants again. Seriously. I then called MY doctor to find out what the deal was and found out I had a STUNNED bladder from how fast I birthed my son. Lovely. It got better. And I'm quite glad I have no pictures of that day. Although a picture of my mother in law trying not to howl with laughter at her daughter in law holding a bleeding toddler, screaming infant and peeing her pants would be pretty funny.