Friday, November 09, 2007

"I Was So Mad"

The group I'm facilitating is studying Matthew 5-7. We talked about 5:21-26 last week and it got us thinking about anger and its depths. It's easy for me get irritated and let it build without realizing it. I in this passage of scripture, Christ puts anger in its rightful place as something that can kill. How many people have their souls killed when someone is angry at them and isolates them by making them feel small? Isolation is the opposite of heaven and being the undercurrent of all that the NT talks about.
I forget too easily how emotions are "felt" by those in contact with us without us having to directly talk about the issue. My kids help me see that a lot...though they are often the catalysts for my peevishness as well.
So, I'm more aware of how quickly I allow my anger to turn from a quick emotion that disappears to a wall.

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