Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Sister Has Landed!

My sister made it here on Wednesday and moved into our back room!! People who don't like their siblings may not understand my glee, but I feel like a piece of me has fallen back into place. Along with the titles of Wife, Mother, Self, I get to wear Sister proudly and daily for awhile.

My sis and I fought and disliked each other until I got into junior high. Then we started taking long walks almost daily and REALLY talking. Somehow with all that talking we started to truly love each other's presence. It's a person who loves me on the girly level (like hubby can't) but is family. I've caught glimpses of my genetics in my sweet 6 yr old, but my sister still know my jokes and quirks in ways I hope my daughter does someday. Is it wrong to want a relationship like that with my daughter someday? I don't think so.

I also look at our relationship and hope that my two kids will have such a great relationship with each other as I do. Actually, hubby has a great repore with his brother, so maybe that being modeled will rub off.

Our folks moved her stuff down and of course my kids went for the shock factor of talking about butts, poop and, erm, other parts AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. Nothing like continuing to make your parenting look psycho, thanks kids.

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Tara said...

oh I want a relationship like that with my daughter someday too!