Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rage Against The Machine

I feel like a walking talking stressed out ball 'o anger! All over a couple of dead cars! Granted, they're our only cars, but really I shouldn't be taking this on...it's not my deal, it's God's deal. I'm shocked at my own bad attitude.
We've been blessed by having amazing friends. Connor has been over here for 3 days working on one of our wrecks with his cousin. They do all of this knowing we can't pay them for their services. What's funny is they've replaced 4 parts that desperately needed to be replaced and the damn thing still isn't working. It's running, but running like a chain smoking marathoner.
So, I woke myself up with worry (and an aching rib) at 5am this morning. Loads 'o fun in this househod I tell ya!

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Ellinghouse said...

oh things can only get better! Keep your chin up...