Friday, March 07, 2008

Project Runaway?!

I finally watched the finale of Project Runway. Here are my initial reactions to each of the designers/their collections:

Jillian-I liked her coats, fun sleeves. Neat pants. The helmets were awful!

Rami- 1980s meets draping. Ugh! I hated the blue part! The gowns were good though and left me wondering why the rest was crap.

Christian-His models were the best walkers. They worked the pieces which really did help. I really liked the feathered pieces and the hats.

Go Fug Yourself is a great website that pokes fun at hideous Hollywood fashion. They wrote a good piece for New York Fashion with their impressions.

Who didn't know Christian was going to win 5 episodes ago?! I knew it was coming and all I could say was, "Pfffff!" He was the most consistently good of them all and deserved to win. I can't stand his personality though and I have a feeling he will do well for a couple of years, then he'll fade away. He's too young to have staying power I think.

Now comes this awful dead zone until episodes of good shows start up again.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad Christian won! I think he's really scared and insecure under all of that show!!!

Anyway, thanks so much for entering the beach towel giveaway!

Lomagirl said...

I'm just glad you didn't post this before I had seen this. My H told me Christian won right at the beginning and I got really mad at him, and then he pretended that he really didn't know and I believed him enough to enjoy the show. And then, of course, Christian did win, (H says he looks like a rooster) and I realized he really had known from seeing him on the morning talk shows.
That said, I liked Christian for about the first time as he entered the finale. His work space/sleep space that was all about his art, and then his sudden, stunning, loss of confidence. I actually thought Rami should win for being more wearable. But, ce la vie.

Just Me said...

Can't beleive I missed the last episode. I just got into that show and was looking forward ot watching it this week! Dang! Anwyays..been out of circulation for a while - how are YOU doing??

Kwana said...

Welcome to the blog party! I'm a huge PR fan blogged about oit every week. I can;t wait for Top Chef tonight!