Friday, August 29, 2008

The Forgotten Frenulum

Do any of us ever give a thought to the frenulum? Why would we...for the most part it does what it supposed to do, unless you're my son. The frenulum is the skinny flap of skin that keeps your tongue anchored to the floor of your mouth, my son's has been attached at the very tip of his tongue since birth.
The docs keep assuring us that it would stretch out over time and not be so tight, but it never has. So, at four, he finally had it clipped.
Because of his age we got to trek down to the Children's Hospital here in Denver and have him put asleep for 10 minutes. Silly docs thought a 4 four old might not hold still for this, Psh! The whole thing went more smoothly than I could've thought. My son is shocked that he can actually stick his tongue past his teeth now...I can already tell a difference in the pronounciation of his "L's".
That's absorbed my weekend on top of us all developing our first "back to school" cold.

On a completely different note, the wolf spiders in our house are out of control this year. They're not quite the size of small dogs, but they're certainly shooting for it. Last night, as I was in the cusp of sleep I felt something skitter across my leg. Like lightening I brushed it off, pinned it under my other leg, flipped on the light and grabbed a tissue. I lifted up my leg and there was an injured wolf spider with the body (not including legs) of a half dollar! In my bed! This is the final straw, I HAVE to find some way of killing these buggers.

Though, I think I'll feel better about our spiders after I go down to Nicaragua in a week. Our friends have already seen a tarantula around their house.


Just Me said...

Oh my gosh ! wolf spiders IN your bed?!! Ok...that's' gotta be my worst nightmare! We have those little critters up here in British Columbia too. I'm seriously thinking about asking God why He created wolf spiders - I mean WHAT WAS He thinking?? ( That and mosquitos!!)... Anyways...good luck on killing the little buggers - they deserve it..! When they invade your bed, it's time to die!

Veggie Mom said...

Wolf spiders sound pretty scary to me! Do they bite? I got a spider bite once in the middle of my forehead, and had to go to the hospital!