Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ineffectually Egged

If you're going to go to the trouble to TP and egg a house, the least you can do is do it well! I woke up to find 2 rolls of TP, one stick of margarine and 1 egg (1 egg?!) had been tossed into the tree and at the living room window. It's almost as if they lost the oomph for it. Makes me feel a little cheated too. If I have to clean it up, make it a BIG mess. Also, hello, no teenagers in this, who did it?

I've been feeling a little fuzzy around the edges the last couple of days. You know, that phase where food seems like a waste of time cause it's so boring and all the things in your day blur together and seem boring too. Yeah, I've figured out that it seems to be part of my hormone cycle...pretty sucky part really. Even my cooking gets boring.

Sidenote: Dried egg smells like fish after it's been washed off the window.


Veggie Mom said...

One of my daughters had her car egged recently--what a mess to clean up. The worst, though, is when the kids "fork" a lawn. My Hubby caught some kids doing it a while back, and made them stay and clean up their mess!

Jess said...

Remember when your parents' yard got "enveloped"? Didn't we leave something on the doorstep of Andy's neighbor's house? I can't remember what it was though.