Saturday, August 16, 2008

Flowing Through My Fingers

Ruth is loving first grade so far. They started Tuesday and she's come home so happy. The only downside is the emotionalability of there being a new order to her life. She's lashed out a couple of times and burst into tears over nothing this week.

I wonder if my son is going to react the same way when he starts in 2 weeks. I'm enjoying the time I've had with my son "mano-a-momo" this week. He's done a beautiful job of playing by himself happily. I think he's enjoying the conflictlessness that comes with playing by himself.

I'm tasting the freedom of getting things done with less people to take care of. Crevices of my house that haven't seen clean in months are getting a hefty dose of it now. We've had a friend of ours (the aformentioned Turk) living with us since mid-June. I've been okay with it, but the size of my house and extra body are finally getting to me. I love the guy like a brother, but I'm counting down the weeks until he heads back to Turkey (probably in mid-Sept).

It's nice to be standing on the lip of having both of my kids in school all day. It's hard to know that my kids will have so many different influences on them that I will never know about. BUT, I look forward to all of the prayer and (hopefully) good conversations we'll have as a result of our slowly changing relationship. God is their guide and it becomes more and more obvious that I have my place, but I can't control all of them...and shouldn't!



Veggie Mom said...

I remember when all my kids were finally in school. But you always think there's going to be more time to get things done, and there never is!

Tara said...

mercy girl, I can't WAIT until my kids go back to school... a week and a half for Aiden and two and a half weeks for Owen.... yahoo!! And I sincerely hope veggie mom is wrong and that I WILL have more time to get things done with both of them in school!!!

Resort said...

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