Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Holding My Breath

God gave us a wonderful break from the monthly stress of wondering where rent will come from. I haven't had it cross my mind at all since February (thank God for tax credits). So, today is the first time in many months when I've dropped off the rent check trusting that the funds will be there by the time they cash it.

The hubby and I have had a lot of conversations lately about what God asks of His people in the area of money and stuff. I really think we (as Americans) have bought into the lie that God wants us to live comfortably.
Everything that I read in Scripture says that He'll provide for our "needs". What is a need people?! In a book called "The Heavenly Man" (a true story)there are many days when the man doesn't need to eat...at all! Apparently eating wasn't what he needed on those days.
To put that in perspective for us here...do we "need" to eat out or buy another pair of shoes for our kids. I think He gives us abundance so we can spread it around and make good use of it for His goals.
My English teacher in high school used to often say, "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!"



VeRonda said...

I guess I'm just happy to know that He does supply... I don't really try to figure out why or how.

Tara said...

I absolutely agree with you.

And no. I don't think He always provides for our comfort. Sometimes I think He purposefully takes us OUT of our comfort zone to make us grow and more aware of the way others in our world live EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Veggie Mom said...

We don't eat out so much any more, and I'm carpooling to work. I can't believe how much $$ we're saving that way! BTW, Uncle Lynn is guesting on my blog today, so please drop by!


Worrying about money is so hard - it eats at you all the time.

Good luck with the Little Einsteins DVD giveaway at my blog!

Gette said...

The "prosperity gospel" preachers would have us believe our walk is all sunshine and roses when we turn to God and live right. It's so deceptive! Some days I just wanna stuff a sock in Creflo Dollar!
I do believe God provides what HE knows we need. He has always come through for us.