Monday, August 25, 2008

The Things That Get Me

My 4 yr old son started his 3 afternoon/wk preschool program yesterday. It made me catch my breath a little when I watched him walk slowly into his classroom. (BTW, he loved it and couldn't stop raving about it)

I picked up my 6 yr old yesterday and as we walked to the car a boy who looked to be a year old said, "See ya Ruthie" and she coolly waved. She's so comfortable at that school and it makes me a little teary.

We watched "Rescue Dawn" last night, a Vietnam POW movie with Christian Bale. I couldn't stop thinking, "If someone could spend 5 years in conditions like that and come out sensible, then I know he can run a country."

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Just Me said...

Oh I remember those days of sending my kiddies off to school! And now we're sending them off to univercity...or out into the world to seek their professions! It's all gone by way too fast....Enjoy this time! Somedays it feels like the kids are never going to grow up..and then they do..and you can't believe it!....Oh..and I've thought the same thing watching movies where people get rescued from horrible conditions - are they ever the same again?/ And...boy..will anything ever be able to hold them back after livign thru this??