Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Newton Equation

My son is a professed fruit hater...don't know why but at the age of 2 1/2 he refused to touch fruit anymore! So, I got around it by giving him healthy juices and letting him eat a Newton or two a day.
Yesterday there was a breakdown in the Newton monitoring. Somehow he ended up consuming 20 Newtons yesterday and 2 carrots. Sure enough at 3am he woke up screaming that his "tummy" was killing him and proceeded to whimper and fart for the next 40 minutes.

I'll take that over the spiders.


Corrie said...

I stumbled to your blog through Nan's...once I read this post with a reference to a spider, I had to read that one too. All I can say about the wolf spider in your bed is: OH MY GOSH! We have an occasional wolf spider where we live in Texas, but I didn't realize that they were so prevalent in Colorado. I guess you really do learn something new everyday!

Jess said...

The fact that he topped off his snack with two carrots adds so much color (and fiber) to the story!

Andrea said...

My son is 3 and I'm slowly getting him back into fruits. I had to laugh about the farting with the tummy ache. Ohooohhh.. we have that here all the time. what's our problem? We dn't eat newtons. Ha ha ha.