Monday, September 29, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

K, so Mondays are my "play guitar and sing at the very tip-top of my lungs" time while both kids are in school. As a result I just about threw a chair at my hubby's friend when he came in the door. I was seeing red as I dropped my son off, KNOWING they'd be chatting away in my living room when I got home (detect any selfish whining in there? I do.)

Then it hit me, I'll just climb into the hills behind our house and play there. So, I grabbed my Ipod, guitar, water and apple and hiked 20 minutes into the hills. I found a nice scrub tree and sang away for an hour. Oh, little did I know how more blessed that time would be in His creation! His presence sat and enjoyed the time with me.

Then, on the hike down, I listened to an amazing sermon by John Piper from Sept. 3 entitled, "How Satan Saves the Soul", it was like eating a sermon hoagie it was so meaty!

All this to say, why don't you slow down and spend some time with Him? What keeps you from it?

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Jess said...

Do you download JP's sermons often? Heather S. was just visiting me last week and we went to the Desiring God National Conference here in Minneapolis. JP's message was pretty good, and you can get it off the DG website if you want.