Saturday, September 27, 2008

Byzantine Blues

I've had my moments of being irritated over the last three months with our guest. The Turk wasn't noisy or intrusive, but with our quarters being so tight there was bound to be some stress.
The last couple of weeks I've been counting down for tomorrow...dreaming of moving my hubby's piles of stuff back into his office where it won't drive me as crazy.
What I wasn't expecting was to feel sad...sad as if my child is leaving the house and going off into the scary world. He's 24 and no child, but in a spiritual sense we have been his parents and he is our baby. He's going back to a country where religion isn't encouraged and where his family would freak if he brought up Christianity.
I worry that we haven't given him enough love, enough insight, enough of anything to stay encouraged until he can come back to the states and explore God like he wants to. But hey, really it's all out of my control anyway...God speed Bestami.

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