Monday, September 22, 2008

It Only took a Month

This may be the first week where I get to spent my TWK (time w/o kids) exactly as I had purposed to. Here's my plan:

Mon-Meet w/ friends I barely see or rock out on my guitar
Wed-Study up for bible studies and workout at the Rec center for 2 hours.
Fri-Maybe window shop, deep clean house...this one is my anything goes time.

I just finished playing guitar and singing at the top (the very top!) of my lungs for 1 1/2 hours. I've known for the last 7 years that this way of worship is so integral to who I am. But, it's hard to rock out with your kids around...ya hate to look like the dorky parent! All that to say, my goal is to build up the old callouses, start playing fast again and being inspired to write music again. I've got this great 12 string guitar that I haven't approached (it's been in its case for 4 years) because I want to have some skills before I dare attempt it.

Also, I just gotta tell you, I'd like nothing better than to take drum lessons.


Anonymous said...

Nothing will give you serviceable callouses faster than a 12-string. Don't wait.

Just Me said...

Hey go on that guitar - kids and all! What you will model to them, is their mother was passionate about worship! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Rock on girl! I wanted to play drums, but my parents had me play the clarinet, piano and the organ. Is the organ still an instrument? He! He! Trish

Kathie said...

Way to go!!!! And I love drumming. When we were in Honduras we had a group (a guitarist, a bass player, a keyboard player, and me, the drummer) It was wonderful. I really miss it.
Blessings from Costa Rica