Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sweet P...Step Up!

I didn't get around to watching "Project Runway" until the kids were in the tub. I was sad to see Ricky go...but he definately deserved it. Overall his stuff hasn't been that great. I wish SweetP would stop being in the bottom so often. It kills me to watch the elimination crossing my fingers and hoping she stays in.
Bringing Chris back turned out to be a great move! His work has been fun and he's such a cheery person. I wish Christian's work wasn't so good so the little snot would get the boot, but he does do some great things.

Who's your favorite designer?


Lomagirl said...

I missed this weeks- I'm going to try to catch the rerun this weekend. I've followed this program since the beginning.
My favorite- I like Sweet P. and I really like Victorya and Romi.

Mary512 said...

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Nichole said...

I like Romi's designs the most, but his attitude isn't the best. And Christian drives me up the wall!