Thursday, February 07, 2008

Quick Rant

I knew that the government offices were slow, but come on! They're consistently understaffed in the public assistance office...I haven't actually talked to a caseworker (3 have quit in the last year) in over a year. I turned in my paperwork for food stamps ahead of the deadline only to get a letter Tuesday saying they're dropping me because I didn't turn in my paperwork.
So, I call and leave my caseworker a message (they rarely answer their phone) not expecting a call back. I DO get a call back, but they're they did get my paperwork, but it may take a couple of months for them to process it. In the meantime, I get no money for food. GRRRRR!!!!!
In the middle of all this, I know God is sovereign and He doesn't need the government to provide for us. I'm okay with getting dropped and just trusting Him to provide in a different way.
All THAT to say, I'm just irritated with government programs and want to kick anyone who thinks the world would be better if more people were taken care of by our slow, underpaid, overworked government assistance offices.
*stepping off the box*

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Sonya said...

I cannot say anything nice about our government so I'll just keep it to myself! I will say that it seems they are helping many people who don't truly need it while others who do need it do without.