Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mmmm, Ribs

We join our heroine already in the throes of her life...
She is still carless, but is looking ahead to that ending in the near future (near meaning the next 7-10 days) *ZING!* Despite her snot being as yellow as a daisy she has crawled out of the depths of illness. *KAPOW!* Suddenly, in the middle of a soul soothing group study she coughs! *HACK!* *COUGH*
*AHHHHHGGHH!!!* This sound is the sound of her rib doing something other than it ought to. That's right my fearless leaders, my rib is either out of place, fractured, or I pulled the muscle over the top of it.
Ah, continued aggravation. It's truly the balm of Gilead.

As a cheery side note I happened to be flipping through the cable stations and stopped on Talk Sex. If you haven't seen this show on Oxygen, it's hosted by a grandmotherly woman (supposedly a former nurse) who takes on all sex related calls.
The call I caught actually seemed to have some good information to it. Apparently menthol-laced cough drops can't double your fun, ahem, orally speaking. The best thing she said to the caller was, "Make sure you don't leave the cough drop up there."
Thanks Grandma, I was worried I'd leave that where the sun doesn't shine. Ya never know what you could lose in there!
Hubby looked at me after I turned it off and said, "If that's gonna be you some day...wait until I'm dead!"


Tara said...

bwahahahahahaha...thanks. I really needed a good laugh!

Oh... and I'm sorry about your rib. What does one DO to fix that sort of thing?

Gette said...

Har. I love that gal. The first time I ran across her program she was discussing vibrating nipple clips. Hm.

HotMama Mathe said...

That was funny. thanks for sharing it!

Just Me said...

Wow...and here I was using mine for my sore throat!