Monday, February 04, 2008

Of Trash, Noses and Newtons

My son is a very focused eater...there are a handful of foods that he could eat for weeks on end. One of these happens to be fig bars(aka Newtons). I know their cookies, but they're cookies with fiber!! This also consitutes the only bit of fruit he allows to pass his lips. The boy has an aversion to every kind of fruit. He's also freakishly sensitive to can't eat a banana or casserole within 5 feet of the boy.

Adding to that normal slice of weirdness, he's been fascinated with garbage lately. I've found many things (things that would gag a maggot!) stashed in his bed and mingled with his toys. This is just grossing me out and making me extra sanitary. Boys are weird!


Tara said...

Boys are DEFINITELY weird. very very very weird.

Lomagirl said...

I found what might have once been a banana in the closet yesterday while doing a long overdue cleanup. I can't blame my son though, it might have been my daughter!

S.B. said...

Thanks for entering my contest and stopping by the blog. Hope you'll stop by again soon. Thanks.